TV-Appearance 11th of May 2012

Another TV-show will be with live-music of Christo P. He will play some of his compositions in the talkshow of Guido Fahrendholz at 7 pm on the 11th of May on Alex-TV. There is a livestream in the internet if you dont have German cable-TV.

New Bestseller

A new bestseller by Christo P Records (the first edition is almost sold out)

The CD BARPIANO at the Lounge After Dinner was repeatedly lifted up in the PRESS:

"Sensible playing, with flowing changes between the titles as it is common for good barmusic. Pagel play with a lot of feeling, because virtuosic playing is not the only goal in this genre. And he meets many diffent tastes of music, since his musical spectrum is quite big." (Wiesbadener Kurier, February 2012)

"Barmusic without whiskey (...) is like a house without walls - that`s what I thought before I listened to this CD. (...) And maybe Barmusic in New York City, Berlin and Paris is mutual. This music isn't. Christoph Pagel lives in Berlin, and he probably knows all the bars in this city - at least all of the ones where they have a piano. (...) The city of Berlin would be poorer without this Barpianist." (JazzPodium, Oktober 2011)

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